Wedding Fashion Trends 2022

Wedding Fashion Trends 2022

From the glamor of the 20s to the minimalism of the 90s, from oversized bows, capes, and trains to laconic bareback and shoulder dresses — this season of bridal fashion offers us many wedding dress styles to choose from. Let’s have a look at the latest wedding trends through the lens of dresses by the Victoria Soprano Group.

A trend on minimalism and the rule that “the less is more” is expressed in the latest collections of Betta La Betta. Elegant dresses with simple clean lines, structured silhouette, and a perfect fit are the main characteristics of the brand’s DNA. Comfort, modern, and laconic — they won’t lose their popularity and stylishness a great while.


Besides, Betta La Betta offers laconic trouser suits, jumpsuits, and fabulous sets of skirts and blouses. In this way, they make a tribute to the trend of alternative wedding dresses. It is a perfect choice for a modern and elegant bride who wants to show her individuality through an unusual and extravagant look. Moreover, it is a functional solution for a civil ceremony.

When we talk about Victoria Soprano’s wedding gown we imagine a truly luxurious bride in a splendid wedding dress. Femininity, elegance, and sumptuousness are the main characteristics of the latest dresses by Victoria Soprano. Here we can find a bright depiction of trend on full sleeves, ruffles, audacious low neck, bare shoulders, and deep cuts.

Inspired by the style of the 80s, a wedding dress with full sleeves is one of the main wedding fashion trends. Long or cropped, voluminous, or detachable sleeves will add solemnity even to the simplest silhouette. Ruffles are another significant element of bridal gowns in this season. Classical and girlish, they add lightness and tenderness to the general bridal outfit. When it comes to low neck and bare shoulders they add sensuality, romanticism, and delicacy. From trendy deep V-necklines to bare-back dresses, these are the main stylish elements presented by Victoria Soprano. 


The latest collections of Katherina Joyce depict another popular trend in the wedding fashion industry. The glamourous mood of the Jazz Era is displayed through the bridal dresses with feathers, shining beads, and sparkling crystals. A sparkly beaded embroidery and soft silhouettes perfectly depict the popularity of vintage and retro. Stunning wedding dresses with graceful and structural silhouettes together with fabulous cuts are in charge of an atmosphere of luxury and glamor. There is no doubt that the Katherina Joyce dress is a wedding dream of millions of brides.

Choosing a wedding dress is a significant event in the life of every woman. From early childhood, each girl imagines that the very dress that she will wear on one of the most important days in her life. By choosing a wedding gown by Victoria Soprano Group there is no doubt that you will find a stylish and sophisticated bridal outfit for your special day.