Sample/Clearance Dresses

Sample/Clearance Dresses

What is a sample dress?

Has it been worn? Not down the isle, but they may have been tried on by a bride that decided to say yes to another gown or used for a professional photo shoot. Some of our sample gowns are brand new, and have never been worn even once! If you want to know more about a particular sample just send us a message! We are happy to answer any questions about our samples that you may have! Samples are a great way to save some money on your dress! 

What condition are the samples in?

We have high standards for our samples. Some do require a little extra love. This may include a loose button or a broken zipper, but we are confident that a skilled seamstress can fix these small imperfections. Some just need to be cleaned, as they show signs of being tried on. These tiny flaws mean big discounts!! Any imperfections are noted on the listing. If none are listed then it's like new!


Can I return a sample?

Samples are subject to our return/refund policy - here
Please note that the restocking fee for samples is $50.